Cecily Myart-Cruz, Chair

About Cecily

Cecily Myart-Cruz has taught for 22 years, at both elementary and middle school levels. As a UTLA Area leader, she has worked with schools, parents and the community to oust 23 “lemon principals” and collaborated with school sites to initiate the boycott of periodic assessments in protest of the excessive testing of our students. She worked with school-site leaders to build protests, community walks, and community forums that prevented school giveaways. As the UTLA NEA Vice President, she has engaged members, worked with community partners to bring resources to schools. She has helped shape Racial Justice within the work of the Union through critical dialogue, forums, all the while making sure student voices are front and center. Cecily has continued to build strength and power for UTLA through a strong relationship with the state and national affiliates.

"As the NEA Black Caucus Chair, it is my belief that when we say Black Lives Matter we will not only speak it but actively engage in the work on the ground.  We must build capacity and foster leadership development within and through our caucus. With your participation in the NEA Black Caucus, let’s work for the collective good and pull others up along the way!"

We the People.